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Business Advisory Board | Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business

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Business Advisory Board

About the Business Advisory Board

The role of the Business Advisory Board of the Bill & Vieve Gore School of Business is three-fold. As advisors, Board members provide advice, opinions, and ideas regarding a variety of issues, including programs, recruitment, and placement of students in jobs and internships, and the general competitive environment affecting business education at Westminster College. As ambassadors, Board members work to improve the visibility and enhance the reputation of the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business and Westminster College in the business community regionally, nationally, and internationally. As advocates, Board members assist in identifying and securing the financial resources needed to realize the mission of the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business.

Business Advisory Board Members

Chris Anderson, BS ‘99 CEO and Board Member, HPG

Tom Carmazzi CEO (retired), Tuthill Corporation

Elizabeth Cordero CEO, Cordero Investments

Felicia Gomez Founder, Esonus

Anthony Mirabile Managing Director, IMD Ops Management and Strategy, Operations Goldman Sachs

Patrick Mullen, BS ‘10 Venture Partner, Arctaris Impact Investors

Kimball Thomson Entrepreneur

Brent Uberty Founder & Managing Director, BW Productions

Dave Witsken, MBA ‘96 President, BrandSafway Energy & Industrial Unit

Dax Jacobson, Interim Dean, Bill & Vieve Gore School of Business

Daniel Lewis Vice President, Institutional Advancement Westminster College

Nancy Brown Director of Government Relations and Sponsored Projects, Institutional Advancement

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